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Basic .NET, ASP.NET, OOPS and SQL Server Interview questions

Basic .NET, ASP.NET, OOPS and SQL Server Interview questions and answers.

·         What is IL code, CLR,CTS,GAC,GC?>

·         How can we do Assembly versioning?

·         can you explain how ASP.NET application life cycle and page life cycle events fire?

·         What is the problem with Functional Programming?

·         Can you define OOP and the 4 principles of OOP?

·         What are Classes and Objects?

·         What is Inheritance?

·         What is Polymorphism, overloading, overriding and virtual?

·         Can you explain encapsulation and abstraction?

·         What is an abstract class?

·         Define Interface & What is the diff. between abstract & interface?

·         What problem does Delegate Solve ?

·         What is a Multicast delegate ?

·         What are events and what's the difference between delegates and events?

·         How can we make Asynchronous method calls using delegates ?

·         What is a stack, Heap, Value types and Reference types ?

·         What is boxing and unboxing ?

·         Can you explain ASP.NET application and Page life cycle ?

·         What is Authentication, Authorization, Principal & Identity objects?

·         How can we do Inproc and outProc session management ?

·         How can we windows , forms and passport authentication and authorization in ASP.NET ?

·         In a parent child relationship which constructor fires first ?

Complete .NET invoicing project end to end

·         Introduction to .NET Projects

·         Different levels of Programming

·         Necessary Tools

·         What should we learn ?

·         The IIS

·         Making UI using .net IDE

·         Database, The SQL Server

·         Connecting ASP.net with Database

·         Loading the Data Grid

·         Update and Delete

·         Validations

·         Issue with the Code

·         Two Tier Architecture

·         Three Tier Architecture

·         Database Normalization

·         Session and State Management

·         Using Enterprise Application Block

·         Aggregation and Composition

·         Implementing Interfaces and Factory

·         Inheritance relationship

·         Abstract Class Implementation

.NET best practices and SQL Server Training / Interview Questions and Answers

·         Basics :- Query plan, Logical operators and Logical reads

·         Point 1 :- Unique keys improve table scan performance.

·         Point 2 :- Choose Table scan for small & Seek scan for large records

·         Point 3 :- Use Covering index to reduce RID (Row Identifier) lookup

·         Point4:- Keep index size as small as possible.

·         Point5:- use numeric as compared to text data type.

·         Point6:- use indexed view for aggregated SQL Queries

·         Finding high memory consuming functions

·         Improve garbage collector performance using finalize/dispose pattern

·         How to use performance counters to gather performance data

WCF,WPF,Silverlight ,LINQ, Azure and EF 4.0 interview question and answers

·         What is SOA, Services and Messages ?

·         What is the difference between Service and Component?

·         What are basic steps to create a WCF service ?

·         What are endpoints, address, contracts and bindings?

·         What are various ways of hosting WCF service?

·         What is the difference of hosting a WCF service on IIS and Self hosting?

·         What is the difference between BasicHttpBinding and WsHttpBinding?

·         How can we do debugging and tracing in WCF?

·         Can you explain transactions in WCF (theory)?

·         How can we self host WCF service ?

·         What are the different ways of implementing WCF Security?

·         How can we implement SSL security on WCF(Transport Security)?

·         How can we implement transport security plus message security in WCF ?

·         How can we do WCF instancing ?

·         How Can we do WCF Concurency and throttling?

·         Can you explain the architecture of Silverlight ?

·         What are the basic things needed to make a silverlight application ?

·         How can we do transformations in SilverLight ?

·         Can you explain animation fundamentals in SilverLight?

·         What are the different layout methodologies in SilverLight?

·         Can you explain one way , two way and one time bindings?

·         How can we consume WCF service in SilverLight?

·         How can we connect databases using SilverLight?

·         What is LINQ and can you explain same with example?

·         Can you explain a simple example of LINQ to SQL?

·         How can we define relationships using LINQ to SQL?

·         How can we optimize LINQ relationships queries using ‘DataLoadOptions’?

·         Can we see a simple example of how we can do CRUD using LINQ to SQL?

·         How can we call a stored procedure using LINQ?

·         What is the need of WPF when we had GDI, GDI+ and DirectX?

·         Can you explain how we can make a simple WPF application?

·         Can you explain the three rendering modes i.e. Tier 0 , Tier 1 and Tier 2?

·         Can you explain the Architecture of WPF?

·         What is Azure?

·         Can you explain Azure Costing?

·         Can we see a simple Azure sample program?

·         What are the different steps to create a simple Worker application?

·         Can we understand Blobs in steps, Tables & Queues ?

·         Can we see a simple example for Azure tables?

·         What is Package and One click deploy(Deployment Part - 1) ?

·         What is Web.config transformation (Deployment Part-2)?

·         What is MEF and how can we implement the same?

·         How is MEF different from DIIOC?

·         Can you show us a simple implementation of MEF in Silverlight ?

Design pattern, Estimation, VSTS, Project management interview questions and answers

Design Pattern Training / Interview Questions and Answers

·         Introduction

·         Factory Design Pattern

·         Abstract Factory Design Pattern

·         Builder Design Pattern

·         Prototype Design Pattern

·         Singleton Design Pattern

·         Adapter Design Pattern

·         Bridge Design Pattern

·         Composite Design Pattern

·         Decorator Design Pattern

·         Facade Design Pattern

·         Flyweight Design Pattern

·         Proxy Design Pattern

·         Mediator Design Pattern

·         Memento Design Pattern

·         Interpreter Design Pattern

·         Iterator Design Pattern

·         COR Design Pattern

·         Command Design Pattren

·         State Design Pattern

·         Strategy Design Pattern

·         Observer Design Pattern

·         Template Design Pattern

·         Visitor Design Pattern

·         Dependency IOC Design pattern

·         MVC , MVP , DI IOC and MVVM Training / Interview Questions and Answers

UML Training / Interview Questions and Answers

·         Introduction

·         Use Case Diagrams

·         Class Digrams

·         Object Diagrams

·         Sequence Digrams

·         Collaboration Diagrams

·         Activity Diagram

·         State chart Diagrams

·         Component Diagrams

·         Deployment Diagrams

·         Stereo Types Diagrams

·         Package Diagram and UML Project Flow.

Function points Training / Interview Questions and Answers

·         Introduction

·         Application Boundary

·         EI Fundamentals

·         EO Fundamentals

·         EQ Fundamentals

·         EIF

·         Fundamentals

·         ILF Fundamentals

·         GSC Fundamentals

·         Productivity Factor

·         Costing and a complete estimation of customer screen using function points.

·         FXCOP and Stylecop Training / Interview Questions and Answers

VSTS Training / Interview Questions and Answers

·         VSTS questions and answer videos

·         What is Unit Testing & can we see an example of the same?

·         How can we write data driven test using NUNIT & VS Test?

·         Can we see simple example of a unit test for database operation?

·         How can we do automated testing using Visual Studio Test?

·         How can we do Load Testing using VSTS test?

·         Can you explain database unit testing?

·         How can we do test coverage using VSTS system?

·         How can we do manual Testing using VSTS?

·         What is Ordered Test in VSTS test?

Enterprise Application Blocks Training

·         Introduction

·         Validation Application Block

·         Logging Application Block

·         Exception error Handling

·         Data Application Block

·         Caching Application Block

·         Security Application Block

·         Policy Injection Application Block and

·         Unity Application Block

Share point interview Training / Interview Questions and Answers videos

·         What is SharePoint, WSS and MOSS?

·         How does WSS actually work?

·         What is Site and SiteCollection?

·         What is the use of SQL server in SharePoint & use of Virtual path provider?

·         What is Ghosting and UnGhosting in SharePoint?

·         How can we create a site in SharePoint?

·         How can we Customize a SharePoint Site?

·         What kind of readymade functional modules exists collaboration?

·         Can you display a simple Custom Page in SharePoint?

·         How can we implement behind code ASPX pages in SharePoint?

·         What is the concept of features in SharePoint?

·         I want a feature to be only displayed to admin?

·         How do we debug SharePoint error’s?

·         Why customized pages are parsed using no-compile mode?

·         Can you explain WSS model?

·         How can we use custom controls in SharePoint?

·         How can we display ASCX control in SharePoint pages?

·         What are Web Parts?

·         How can we deploy a simple Webpart in SharePoint?

·         How can we achieve customization and personalization using WebParts?

·         How can we create custom editor for WebPart?

·         SharePoint is about centralizing documents, how similar is to the windows folder?

·         What are custom fields and content types?

·         Can you explain SharePoint Workflows?

·         What is a three-state Workflow in SharePoint?

·         How can we create sharepoint workflow using sharepoint designer?

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